Talking Horses: racing’s latest civil war at least comes with novel twist

By: Greg Wood Tuesday 23 November 2021

Reports of a ‘radical new plan’ for the structure of horse racing have the BHA in the middle of an eternal battle for prize money

If you are a fan of horse racing whose heart sinks when the sport sets off on one of its regular civil wars, the front page of Monday’s Racing Post was not an ideal way to start the week. What promises to be the latest outbreak of internal squabbling over money and influence, however, does at least come with a novel twist.

Under the headline “Radical new plan for racing structure revealed”, the trade paper reports that the two sides in the sport’s eternal struggle over prize money – the Horsemen’s Group (THG) and the racecourses – are plotting to unite against the British Horseracing Authority (BHA) in the middle. Their aim is to weaken the BHA’s role in the three-cornered Tripartite Agreement, which determines how major decisions are taken.

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