Talking Horses: Bryony Frost case will put racing’s rulers in the dock

By: Greg Wood Tuesday 30 November 2021

The BHA’s competence and the sport’s weighing-room culture will each face the fiercest of scrutiny this week

Fourteen months after Bryony Frost lodged a formal complaint with the British Horseracing Authority that she had been bullied and harassed by her fellow rider, Robbie Dunne, the regulator’s independent disciplinary panel will finally convene on Tuesday in London to consider the evidence against him.

It is a case with no obvious precedent, which sets one member of the weighing room’s apparently tight-knit community against another. It has also been plagued by delays and leaks, including a release of the 120‑page report by BHA investigators into Frost’s claims to the Sunday Times, which prompted the authority to refer itself to the information commissioner.

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