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Created by OWNERS for OWNERS, a ground-breaking concept in racehorse ownership.

About Us

Sapphire Lodge racing stable is a training partnership born out of a need to pursue a level of excellence unforeseen in the racing industry without burdening the owners with the responsibility of insurmountable costs.

Representing the best of European and American racing traditions in Australia, Sapphire Lodge Racing provides the services discerning horse owners are seeking.

Every horse under the care of Sapphire Lodge is given the absolute finest care and the best opportunity to perform during it’s racing campaign. Each horse within our stable is treated as an elite equine athlete. We focus on preventative care.

We prevent injuries before they can occur. Horses are brought up slowly to build bone density and muscle strength.

Your athlete will be nurtured at each stage of its preparation. All inclusive in our services are chiropractic, massage and acupuncture therapy provided regularly. In addition, nutritional schedules are 
continually designed and redesigned for 
each individual horse at each stage 
of his preparation.


Lisa currently represents the interests of Sapphire Lodge Racing in Australia. 

Her American racing apprenticeship under the tutelage of American Hall of Fame Trainer Mr. Grover “Bud” Delp at Pimlico Racecourse, occurred during the brilliant racing career of “Spectacular Bid” – who is widely regarded as one Of America’s greatest ever racehorses having won nine Group 1 races.

Visit Lisa’s Profile page for further details about Lisa’s extensive thoroughbred racing and study, experiences. 

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