We are innovative and groundbreaking, utilizing the ‘crème de la crème’ of the racing industry with the sole purpose of ‘keeping your horse happy’. Attention to detail and continually adjusting to the needs of your equine athlete is our only goal. A HAPPY HORSE IS A WINNING HORSE!

Sapphire Lodge was created by owners for owners. Decades of surprise bills and a diverse array of excuses from trainers motivated our team to pursue a level of excellence unforeseen in the racing industry.

ONLY THE BEST WILL DO. Elite care and preparation is provided at less than half the cost of metropolitan day rates. How is this achieved; is there a reduction in the quality of care? Absolutely not! This is achieved because all our care is provided personally by the trainers.

Lisa’s experience in veterinary nursing means that your horse is medically monitored continually without the need to bill unnecessary veterinary costs.

However, when veterinary care is required, it is provided by Randwick Equine Vet Centre, a world class tertiary care veterinary facility, specialising in the medical care of the racehorse.

Of course, experience has told us that there is a limitation to the performance ability of every athlete, human, as well as equine.

Our astute judgement of a racehorse’s ability, as well as our keen eye has led our stable to the forefront of the international racing industry, employing cutting-edge technology to provide the most cost effective techniques to keep your equine athlete fit .

The latest in scientific fitness evaluation is employed to assess a horses performance potential and recovery, using variables such as heartrate via GPS and lactate acid levels, as well as access to the dynamic video endoscope assessing any possible airway limitation detected by simulating race day performance at the gallop.

In addition, on gallop days, we have access to a pool of top quality jockeys, as well as the ability to do trackwork to personally access the ongoing fitness of each horse throughout its racing career during each stage of preparation.

We are committed to giving all owners the highest probability of return on their race horses, whilst minimizing their ongoing expenses. We have vast amounts of experience advising clients in both North America and Australasia on thoroughbred breeding and market value.

And Sapphire Lodge prides themselves on creating an HONEST relationship with each and every owner.

We are committed to your passion. We will advise our clients when to liquidate their stock, to maintain their profit potential.

“If it can’t go … we’ll let you know!”

We want you to experience the thrill of standing in the Winner’s Enclosure. You will never be the same again. It’s a feeling of exhiliaration to be remembered for a lifetime! And for a lot less (money) than you ever imagined.

Instead of being a spectator in the crowd at the races or simply one of a 1000 in a large syndication, be trackside at next season’s Racing Carnival with all the priviledges and entitlements of a racehorse owner!!

Where ‘Winning isn’t Everything, …. It’s The Only Thing’!

Created by OWNERS for OWNERS, a ground-breaking concept in racehorse ownership.

Every horse under the care of Sapphire Lodge is given the absolute finest care.

Each horse within our stable is treated as an elite equine athlete.

We focus on preventative care.

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